Hold your expertise lightly

face iconDo you have expertise in an area of skill or knowledge? Technical stuff that most people don’t? That can be a great blessing, or a source of discord. Here is a little manifesto, based on observing myself and others.


When you leave the bubble of your expertise, with your colleagues and jargon, and venture into the world of other people:

You may feel you are among a strange tribe. Do not become nervous and use your expert identity as a shield. Watch for other things you have in common.

You may feel run down. Do not use your expertise to steal energy from others. You may feel in need of recognition. Do not use your expertise to score points.

You may be in the habit of the language of your expertise. Then you are a crazy hermit of no use to the tribe. Take the responsibility of your privileged position, to relearn how to communicate as a normal person. Then you are a neighbour bringing gifts.

You may feel the urge to help. Listen to what they actually want. Answer the questions they actually ask. Offer lightly and without attachment.

You may feel challenged by others in your territory. Continue to be yourself and do what you do. Shine gently and let see it who will.


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