Upward and downward

This is a time when we are called to make choices. Old stories of the world are breaking down. Facing our own psychology to build better ones is the challenge of the 21st century.

Climate, injustice, economy, ecosystems, work, wellbeing... The big issues confronting us are joined together and their roots are inside us.

We can choose the shared endeavour of compassionate aspiration. But our own thinking and voices in society lure us toward the fog and brambles of the downward path. They come from fear, and speak to the fears inside us.

The world needs us to say, 'Enough. Whatever I can contribute, I will use it to take a step upward.'

Why a path?

Like learning a skill, we walk it one step at a time. We don't get all the way to the end in one go. We just have to keep going in the right direction.

Every so often we look around and the view has changed. We can see people up ahead of us, and people back where we've come from.

Often we feel like our own path in our corner of the world is separate from others. But they are parts of one tapestry seen from different angles.

Upward steps

  1. Clean your windows. Switch the lights on in your worldview. Reconnect with what you value and what you want to see in the world. Tidy up your conditioning.
  2. Pack your gifts. All those skills, experiences and resources you've been growing - you'll need to take them with you.
  3. Find your fellow travellers. Who will you walk with for a while? How can you work together and complement each other?
  4. Make a journey to be proud of. What can you do, with your vision and your gifts and your companions? Is it a good big thing, or a good small thing?
  5. Be a beacon. Value what you have learned and use it to help others find their way.

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